Cooking Tips

Follow these tips to get the most delicious flavor from your White Angus Ranch grass fed, White Angus Beef.

Beef Done Right

Delicious, Grass Fed Beef

There is nothing tastier or more delicious than grass fed beef when it is cooked properly! But if you overcook it, or thaw it incorrectly, your beef can be tough and dry. Grass fed beef is extremely lean and low in fat so it takes less time to cook. Grass fed beef is an excellent choice for those who like their beef cooked to medium or rare temperatures. For those who are a fan of well done, we recommend cooking your beef at a very low temperature and with a light oil such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or a light marinade or sauce to add moisture. Keep reading to see a list of our top 3 grass fed beef tips.

Top Three Tips

Get the Best Flavor

Don't Overcook

Grass fed beef requires less cooking time. Usually about 30% less time than grain fed beef. Grass fed beef will continue to cook once you have removed it from your heat source. So pull it about 5-10 degrees before the desired temperature. We recommend using a meat thermometer to check the temperature. Let your beef rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking.

Don't Thaw in Microwave

Because grass fed beef is so lean thawing in a microwave even for a few moments can cause your meat to be tough. Always thaw your beef in the refrigerator or set the vacuum sealed package in a sink with some COLD water. We also recommend cooking you grass fed beef at room temperature. NEVER cook it frozen or only partially thawed.

Don't Use Forks

When you are flipping or cooking grass fed beef, always use tongs. Piercing grass fed beef with a fork will cause the juices to run out and may cause your beef to be tough and dry.