We have several products in stock and we continue butchering every 3 weeks and are adding additional butcher dates to “beef up” our inventory.
We remain committed to providing you with the highest quality, 100% natural, grass fed and grass finished beef. Thank you for your business.
It is our privilege to serve you!

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Our Story

Welcome to the Ranch

Nestled in the rolling hills of the south central Missouri Ozarks, White Angus Ranch is a locally owned and operated Black Angus Cattle Ranch, run by husband and wife team, Larry & Brooklyn White. White Angus Ranch specializes in raising premium quality, Black Angus Cattle, for grass fed and finished beef sales.

Our cattle are part of our family and receive special attention and care daily, ensuring they stay fat, healthy and happy. Our cattle graze on over 1000 acres of native grass pastures and enjoy fresh drinking water. Our herd is home grown, genetically selected for temperament, growth and quality. Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished and are never injected with growth hormones or antibiotics and are raised without GMOs.


These bone-in strips will melt in your mouth. Whether for an elegant dinner, or on the grill, you’ll enjoy every delicious bite.

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With four delicious flavors to choose from, your whole family will enjoy this delicious, all-beef brat.

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One of our best sellers. This tender beef fillet is rich and succulent. Whether celebrating a special occasion, or having a casual evening, this is a crowd pleaser.

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